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The Coalition for Responsible Celebration (CRC) believes that sustainability is integral to the success of the industry. The adoption and promotion of responsible celebration practices is a core focus for all coalition members, including manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and the like.


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CRC members are engaging in comprehensive consumer education programs that begin at the point of sale with proper labeling and responsible use/disposal tips, and include distributing balloon care cards, and providing free balloon weights with every purchase.


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Balloon recapture programs are being tested across the industry allowing consumers to return deflated balloons to retail stores. As the industry scales these programs, we know they will make a difference in sustainability initiatives.


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Recycling programs are already common with balloon retailers. In 2021, a global business in the celebrations industry launched a foil and latex balloon waste pilot program in multiple states focused on retail and manufacturing balloon waste. The CRC will research and identify additional efficiencies to develop industry-wide recycling policies and recommendations.

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