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The Celebration Industry has been actively promoting consumer education to eliminate the intentional release of balloons. We provide materials to member companies and policymakers that can be distributed more widely to help inform the public about responsible use.

safe balloon practices

The Coalition for Responsible Celebration is taking a stand against balloon releases and promoting responsible balloon use.

"The CRC encourages consumers to dispose of balloons properly after use and to avoid releasing them into the environment. The organization offers resources and educational materials to help consumers make informed decisions about their balloon use."

  • Is it OK to release balloons in the air?
    It is never ok to release balloons of any type into the atmosphere. The CRC strongly advocates for businesses and consumers to properly weight their balloons when using them outdoors and disposing of them responsibly. In fact, many states require retailers to weight their balloons when sold.
  • What is the impact of balloon releases?
    While statistically less than 1% of beach litter is attributed to balloons, the CRC strongly advocates for proper use and disposal of all balloons.
  • What is a balloon ban?
    Balloon bans are government policies that limit or restrict the sale of celebration balloons. These policies have been shown to negatively affect small businesses and consumers in affected areas due to consumers circumventing the policies by traveling to areas where the purchase of balloons are allowed. Banning balloons is an ineffective policy. Public education on proper use has proven to be effective and should be prioritized.
  • What role do balloons play?
    Balloons have multiple uses besides being used for joy and decorations. They are a convenient marketing tool, can be used in exercise to develop motor skills and they can help children understand the laws of science. The softness and lightness of a balloon means that young children in particular find it easier to throw and catch a balloon than a soft ball as they float rather than fly through the air. Recent medical breakthroughs have resulted in medical grade balloons which can be inserted into the stomach as an alternative non-invasive solution to gastric bands.
  • Why does helium change my voice?
    Due to the lighter density of helium, small amounts inhaled changes the timbre of your voice. The helium does not change the pitch – but the speed at which the sound travels through your vocal tract. Inhaling helium can be dangerous and it is not recommended. It can deprive your body of oxygen and result in fatality.
  • What are you doing to help prevent balloon litter?
    Despite the litter content being less than 1%, the CRC has made strong public statements against balloon releases. The industry is working on educational efforts to encourage the non-release of balloons, as well as responsible use and disposal.
  • What is the Balloon Council?
    The Balloon Council (TBC) was an organization started in 1999 consisting of retailers, distributors, and manufacturers to educate consumers. The Coalition for Responsible Celebration is now the unified voice of the industry, coordinating all balloon and party product lobbying and advocacy work and fostering collaboration among members.
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